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slide3Ceramic tile is the most attractive finishing material, combining: practical, environmentally friendly, hygienic and are not subject to deformation. Tile in perfect harmony with glass, wood, metal, not to mention the rock. Existing modern technologies allow to produce tiles of any shape, with any texture and any color shades in Los Angeles. Magnificent composite material possibilities allow the use in the decoration of any premises. Ceramic tile has a wear-resistant properties, which allows its use in areas with increased load: public offices, shopping centers and laboratories.

Ceramic tile is divided into several types:

* Floor tiles
* Decorative ceramic tiles
* Paving tiles

Floor tiles made of ceramic or natural stone. Tiles laid on the floor and secured with glue. The adhesive should comprise: sand, cement and latex additive for extra strength. Tiles can be glazed and not glazed. Realize allowed by various methods, and tile grout joints overwritten (decorated structure). The most expensive and beautiful sea floor ceramic tiles, is considered a natural stone tiles. This type of tiles when wet it becomes slippery (like tiles of granite or marble). To reduce the sliding a treated tile, making it more rough.

Decorative tile is made of ceramic or natural stone. This tile has a mosaic form. The decorative tiles are commonly used for laying on the floor, walls and in rare cases, the ceiling of the room in LA. This type of ceramic tile, is one of the most popular, as it provides a large selection of colors and drawings of any complexity. Decorative ceramic tiles with relief patterns or plot pattern, often used for decorating the premises, where it is necessary to achieve the decoration. Often used in bathrooms, kitchens and rarely for facing fireplaces and furnaces.

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