Features of repair in the bathroom

companyA good repair in the bathroom in San Diego – it’s quite a serious problem. Gloss and “Oh, how beautiful!”, Is not the most important question for the bathroom. Much more important – how carefully and responsibly carried out all the work and layout of utilities, and the grouting on the tiles, water intake and connection devices.

Modern repair in the bathroom, with small variations, it seems pretty standard end result – the hidden wiring of sewer and water pipes, tiles on the walls and on the floor, modern sanitary equipment and secure its electricity supply, suspended ceilings, and at least two configurations of lighting.
For such repairs bathroom in San Diego will be about the same and produced a set of works, with differences only in amounts of one or another of their kind:
assembly / disassembly of the pipes,
leveling and preparation of surfaces of walls, floor and ceiling,
installation and plumbing connection,
electrical apparatus,
laying tiles,
Work with the ceiling – or finish existing or device suspended structure.
What is the difference between carrying out these works in the bathroom, from those, say, in the kitchen?
The difference lies in the very conditions the room – a bathroom, a room with a notoriously humid, with frequent and active vaporization in the air, and, of course, with a significantly greater burden on all the equipment, from the water intake to the discharge device.
Let us explain the features of each listed in the example, the bathroom finishing stages “from scratch.”
Dismantling of the existing pipes in the bathroom in San Diego, as a rule, does not cause difficulties, all the more so in the new apartments engineering networks are made of modern plastic or polypropylene pipes.
But the installation of new sections of the aqueduct, that the qualitative repair hide in Stroebe, should be carried out with polypropylene pipes soldered joints joints.
To align the walls of the bathroom should be used plasters based on cement, which do not change their strength characteristics in an atmosphere saturated with moisture.

The electrical wiring in the bathroom in San Diego should perform only whole pieces of wire, double insulated and preferably with a double supply of power. All rasklyucheniya sockets, electrical plumbing and other devices for lighting and switches, it is necessary to do only in distribution boxes outside the bathroom itself. Sami same wires must be hidden either in plaster or under the sheets of plasterboard.
When you prepare the floor to finish laying tile should be carefully provide waterproofing foundations. Materials for this at the moment there are many – from special impregnation for concrete, to hydrophobic dry mixes. Robust floor waterproofing will protect against possible accidents and not only would “flood the neighbors” but also quickly notice the occasional leak, because the water will not go anywhere, and absorbed, and puddles on the floor immediately noticeable.
Laying tile in the bathroom in San Diego, in principle, has no big differences from the placement in other areas, but the voids under the tile, permissible in dry conditions, there is very undesirable, this rule is mandatory and does not tolerate negligence. In the same way, and grout joints require special care – joints must be a solution to the full depth.
For the ceiling in the room bath, are best suited neutral materials to moisture – the so-called “rack” ceilings of aluminum, or synthetic ceilings and the most simple – plastic panels, which range is now huge.
Use GCR, even waterproof, to align the ceiling is not desirable because its durability is very much will depend on the work of the ventilation in the bathroom, and the intensity of exploitation of premises and equipment. If other options are finishing the ceiling are not interested, then it would be better simply to align the ceiling of water-resistant putty and paint.

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